The charging area of the new feeder/delinker is extremely simplified over earlier versions. To charge the G.I. feeder/delinker, it is accomplished in one simple step; there is no longer a need for the operator to turn the barrels by hand to start the ammunition flow into the feeder/delinker.

The Garwood Industries Feeder/delinker incorporates several improvements over earlier versions. Starting with the cartridge hand off area of the Feeder/delinker which was engineered from the ground up, disregarding any previous versions.

This allows for positive cartridge hand off timing, regardless of the type of cartridge. This enables the weapon to handle a wide variety of ammunition, from ball and tracer ammo to blank and SLAP rounds, from training to combat. The Garwood One-Step feeder/delinker, truly is, state of the art.

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