Gun Control Unit


The Gun Control Unit (GCU) is the fire control interface with the weapon. The Garwood GCU mounts in the spade grip assembly, giving ergonomic weapon control at your fingertips.

The GCU accepts a power cable which supplies voltage to the control unit, with one cable attaching to the electric motor and one cable attaching to the clutch; all connectors are of the highest, mil-spec quality available.

The Weapons Arm/disarm toggle switch offers a guarded cover which must be lifted before the arming switch may be activated. After activation, a lighted, night vision compatible indicator light glows to notify the operator the weapon is armed and ready to fire. Once the weapon is armed, either the right or left trigger will fire the weapon.

When the firing sequence is finished the operator simply lowers the Arming/disarm switch cover to disarm the weapon. The Garwood GCU comes in a variety of configurations, all with a standard delay circuit enabling the weapon to clear itself of any live rounds after firing.



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