Mission Statement


Garwood Industries, (G.I.), began business operations in 1999 with the goal of developing the “Next Generation” M134 Electric Minigun. Garwood Industries first generation weapon design was completed in 2001, followed by the M-134E model in 2004, and the M-134F in 2005. Garwood Industries third generation, the M-134G model, was introduced to United States Government officials in 2006.

G.I. products are exclusively owned and controlled by Garwood Industries Inc., a United States registered company, Cage Code: 3V8T5 and 1 of 2, US Army qualified Minigun manufactures.

Regardless of claims made by companies attempting to copy and imitate G.I. products, Garwood Industries has not licensed or franchised G.I. systems or products to any other company or entity. All manufacturing and sales of G.I. weapon systems, components, designs and weapon mounts are exclusively owned and controlled by Garwood Industries Inc.

Garwood Industries owns numerous U.S. patents, with worldwide rights to the system and components. G.I.’s complete weapons systems, components and upgrade kits have been issued National Stock Numbers (NSN 1005-01-588-2753) to simplify government procurement processes. Garwood Industries products are in use by NATO forces worldwide.

United States Army, TACOM Qualified Garwood Industries Products


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