Over the course of four (4) years, the United States Armed Forces has exhaustively tested and evaluated Garwood Industries M-134G Electric Minigun systems and components for reliability and durability through rigorous TACOM and Special Forces programs.

After years of sustained product evaluation comparing the two (2) TACOM qualified Minigun manufacturers products, utilizing millions of rounds of ammunition, the US DOD, TACOM and Army Special Forces concluded the G.I. improved and patented “Next Generation” components significantly increases reliability many times over current legacy weapons manufactured to older 2006 -2010 specifications.

Documented Old standards, (2006): 25,000 to 30,000 rounds between failures (RBF).

Documented G.I. standards, (2011): 150,000 to 500,000+ rounds between failures (RBF).(Army test report available).

Improvements include: increased mission readiness, increased component life, lower weight of components and systems, allowing for additional fuel and ammunition capacity, which is critical in rotary winged applications.

Garwood products are currently in use by U.S. Armed Forces, NATO countries and other U.S. aligned nations. Garwood Industries upgrade kits and products are in inventory by TACOM and DLA, enabling rapid procurement processes.

Insist on “Genuine”, state of the art, patented Garwood Industries products. You can be confident that by following U.S. DOD, TACOM and Special Forces programs utilizing G.I. components, that your inventory will include the most reliable, “State of the Art” Gatling Gun system available in the world.

Insist on the “Real Deal”, the “Next Generation™” M-134G Minigun, as documented by U.S. TACOM Report Number: 10-001-LCW-SA

Contact Garwood Industries Inc. to upgrade your inventory to current U.S. military standards.


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